Sunday, August 21, 2011

Macau - Day 4

We spent Saturday exploring more of Macau.  We went over to the Venetian to catch a shuttle up the the border gate.  There isn't a whole lot to see up there except a huge building behind a little gate monument.

We ventured our way down from there to the red market area.  There were lots of fruit and vegetable stands, bakeries, flowers, clothing, shoes and housewares stands.
We had some "fun" with the bus that afternoon trying to make it back to Diana's apartment.  After finally making it back, we rested a bit, then headed out for the evening.  We took another bus to Coloane where we first stopped at Hac Sa beach, a black sand beach on the bay.  It was a nice quiet getaway from the buzz of the city.
From there, we went into Coloane village.  It is a quaint little town along the water with a delightful, laid back atmosphere.  Diana had recommended a place to eat called Cafe Nga Tim.  April & I enjoyed a nice, relaxing anniversary dinner together.

That's all for now.  Off to bed for a busy day tomorrow.  Heading to Hong Kong tomorrow with lots to do and see!


  1. Hey Guys!!!! Finally had a chance today to catch up on the blog. MISS YOU ALL so do seem so far away! But it looks like you are having a fun time, awesome pictures...luckily your kids are still here to help coak you to come back to Lancaster. Tell Diana "Hi" is good to see her in pics with you having fun. Praying for you guys...miss you, Amy Nicole

  2. So fun looking at your trip, Have a great time and thanks for sharing a little of your adventures with us all.

  3. Great pictures. So fun looking at them.