Saturday, August 20, 2011

Macau - Day 3

Friday we had a big day of adventures!  We started out in southern Macau.  Our first stop was A-Ma Temple.  When we started out, we thought it was a just a little area, with one Buddha idol.  It turned out to be this whole area that you kept climbing up steps... one shrine after another.  Chinese characters carved into rock, different kinds of incense burning everywhere.  It was amazing and heart breaking to see the droves of Buddhists coming in to worship these idols.

Then, we meandered our way north looking for an Inner Harbor area that was supposed to have some good eats.  But, we never found it.  The maps are not great, and the streets are not marked well, so that is not a good combination.  We continued on in what we thought was the right direction to our next destination, and stumbled on a very clear sign pointing us in the right direction!  Our next stop, the Ruins of St. Paul and the Senado Square area.  Since Macau belonged to Portugal before it was Chinese, there is still a good bit of Portuguese influence here.
Ruins of St. Paul's

St. Dominic's Church

Senado Square

Enjoying a Macau famous egg tart

We were exhausted after our exploring, but the fun day was not over yet!  We went back to the apartment and got ready for our evening at the Venetian.  We saw the Cirque de Soleil show, Zaia, from the control room booth reserved for family and friends.   
 Then, we had a backstage tour from our Diana.  Very Cool!!!
Diana at her work station

Jeremy & Diana on the catwalk above the auditorium

April's favorite act of the show were these lions

A shot of the fly rig used over the auditorium

After the show was over and Diana was off work, she took us to her favorite sushi place, Jockey Sushi.  What a great night out!

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