Saturday, September 3, 2011

Macau Day 5

Going a bit out of order here...sorry have to back track a day...

On Sunday we slept in a bit and went to church with Diana. She goes to a very small church called Living Stone Church. Macau, unlike mainland China, has religious freedom. It was an interesting experience. The pastor led worship in both English and Cantonese. He then gave a sermon in Cantonese and someone from the church translated it to English.

After church we shared lunch at CafĂ© E. S. Kimo with a few of Diana’s friends from church. It was a joy to experience this part of Diana’s life in Macau and a blessing to feel an instant connection because of Christ. We were able to make new friends so quickly.

Dragon Fruit
We then ventured off to old Taipa to experience some more of the Portuguese influence in the area. It was really fun to skip the bus altogether and just walk around the city. Some of Old Taipa was a tourist trap, but we were able to get off the beaten path and meander down alleys, pathways and flower gardens taking in the beauty of the culture.

The Venetian where Diana works

Our new friends David and Melissa invited us to their place for a spaghetti dinner, where we shared a meal with them, their children (Mia, Brandt, and Aiden), Jana and a couple of other folks. They were very hospitable and we enjoyed the evening of relaxation! We headed back to the apartment to pack up, because our adventures in Macau were coming to a close. The next morning we were going to depart for Hong Kong. It was bittersweet to be leaving Diana’s life in Macau.
Sunset from David & Melissa's apartment

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